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Evaluation Users

In your Confluence/JIRA Manage Add-ons screen (/plugins/servlet/upm or via Add-ons option from the settings cog) select the plugin:



And press the Free trial button. You'll be prompted to log into your Atlassian account. Once you do, a trial license will be created and inserted for you.


Once your evaluation periods have expired (you can request up to 3 x 30 day evaluations, or 6 via an Atlassian Expert), as a commercial Confluence/JIRA licensee, you will need to license the plugin to continue using it.

The plugin section in the Add-ons page also has a "Buy now" button. Pressing this takes you to the Atlassian store and selects the license size appropriate to your Confluence/JIRA instance. When the purchase is complete, your license will be automatically installed into the Confluence/JIRA instance.


Commercial and Community Licenses

Community licensees can request free licenses in the normal way.