Blog for Confluence Cloud has seen some rapid growth in users over past months, so we thought a blog just for it was in order.

So far we've focused on 3 basic things with the plugin:

  1. Stable loading and saving
  2. A stable and full functioning editor
  3. 100% up-time

One key problem with the plugin to date has been the inability to add a diagram to a page that hasn't been saved at any point. Atlassian are pushing out a change for this very soon to enable us to do this. When your Confluence Cloud is updated, will automatically take advantage of the feature and enable it.

Next, we're looking to improve the integration with Confluence Cloud and we're looking for feedback on what you'd like to see. We have our feature request list for generic improvements to the editor, but we'd like to know what you need to be more productive, specifically within the confluence environment.

For example, for Confluence Server provides dialogs for easily adding links to other pages and images within your Confluence. It has revision history control and mass Gliffy import. Which would be most useful in Confluence Cloud?

One thing to note is that Atlassian's Connect technology, the API that we use to integration with Confluence Cloud, is far less mature and complete compared the P2 server API. This means most of your requests are not currently possible. However, Atlassian are encouraging an active dialogue regarding what improvements are needed, so the earlier we know what you need, the sooner we can start working with Atlassian to provide the integration needed to provide it.

Please either post to the feature request forum (indicating the feature is specific to Confluence Cloud), or email us directly at [email protected]