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General Usage Questions

titleWelcome to your new space!

Confluence spaces are great for sharing content and news with your team. This is your home page. Right now it shows recent space activity, but you can customize this page in anyway you like.

Complete these tasks to get started

  •   Edit this home page - Click Edit in the top right of this screen to customize your Space home page
  •   Create your first page - Click the Create button in the header to get started
  •   Brand your Space - Click Configure Sidebar in the left panel to update space details and logo
  •   Set permissions - Click Space Tools in the left sidebar to update permissions and give others access


Recent space activity

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If the question is "how do I do X in the application?" either ask in the Google+ community or the StackExchange web applications site. If you do use StackExchange, you must read and follow the help guidelines and use the tag.

Twitter support questions to @drawio generally won't be answered, 140 characters isn't practical for providing support.

Loss of Data / Functionality

If you lose data from an existing diagram lodge a support ticket. If the application isn't working at all, or a major part isn't working, you can post to the G+ community or lodge a support ticket. Data loss issues are always treated as a priority.

If the application does not work correctly for you, ensure you have tested with all browser plugins switched off. Plugins like disconnect block the Google and Dropbox scripts from loading by default. Also check on a second browser with plugins disabled, to ensure it's not a problem with the first browser and check the G+ news stream for issue reports before you submit an issue.

Also check the FAQ in case your problem is listed.

Feature Request

If you have a feature request, there is a feature request submission / voting system. If the request has already been submitted vote on it, otherwise, submit it yourself.

General Suggestions / Discussions

Belong on the G+ community. You are welcome to make general points here, or report minor functionality problems.

Video Tutorials

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