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Gliffy and Lucidchart, if you haven't already met them, are online diagramming applications. Gliffy was the original, back in 2006, and Lucidchart somewhat later, but has taken a rather more aggressive, VC backed growth route.

Gliffy allows 5 publicly visible diagrams on their free plan and Lucidchart limits you to 60 objects on the screen (plus both limit certain stencil sets and functionality). Given our aim to create a completely free online diagramming tool for the mass market and that both of these tools have large user bases you just knew we were going to create importers for both. There are other tools, but they are written in Flash (post continues when you've stopped laughing).

So, if you don't really want to show the world your diagrams in Gliffy, or want to make a 6th, you You can now save your diagram as a Gliffy JSON format, both online and in Confluence:

Then import to via File->Import From:


Consider the Gliffy import to be at something of a beta stage, but the idea is for the vast majority of imports to work correctly. If you have any problems, pull down the help menu and you can contact us directly using the feedback option:

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Obviously, we need to share the love with Lucidchart, so our You can also right click on the Gliffy diagram and select "View Source":

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When the JSON of the diagram appears, press the "select" button on the dialog then copy to your clipboard using ctrl/cmd-C. In a new diagram press ctrl/cmd-V to insert the Gliffy diagram.

Our first alpha of Lucidchart import is also out today (only supporting Chrome, Safari and Firefox, initially). With Lucidchart we've done it a bit differently. Select your Lucidchart diagram and copy to the clipboard with ctrl/cmd-C:


then paste into with ctrl/cmd-V:

The Lucidchart import is rougher than Gliffy, so no need to report issues for now. Rest assured we'll be giving it our full attention over the course of the yearsomething around alpha quality, the Gliffy importer is more production quality, report any issues to the support channel appropriate to your product.