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By default, a grid of dots is displayed on the work area, in order to help with  symbol alignment. Toggling this tick box switches the grid on and off.


By default, the work area apears in page view; it is sized according to the choice of paper size.  Unticking this box will cause the work area to fill the entire window.




Options Settings

Copy on connect

By default this option is enabled.  If you are connecting many symbols of the same time, it may save you time to keep this option enabled.  If you are connecting many different types of symbol, it might be easier to disable this option.  A quick example will explain how it works.

Make sure that both Connection points and Copy on connect are enabled.  Drag a new symbol onto your work area and hover over the symbol.  Pick a connection point, and click and drag to create a new connection.


Image Removed


Image Removed

If you would prefer not to have a shape copied each time a new connection is created, then disable this option.



It is possible to add a background to a diagram - either a picture image, a solid color background, or both together.  The first step is to enable this option by ticking the tick box, since it is off by default.  You will now have two options to choose between.  If you want a picture background, click on the Image button.  If you want a solid color background, click on the white color block button.


Once you are satisfied with your choice, press Apply to set the background to that color.  Below we have chosen a dark green background.





Autosave is only available for remote storage options (Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox), and is enabled by default.  Note that autosave works differently depending on the selected storage option.  For more details, see the relevant page for each storage option: Working with Google Drive files in the interface, Working with OneDrive file in the Interface, and Working with Dropbox files in the interface.

Mathematical typesetting


This option enables mathematical typesetting in the document properties, allowing users to create mathematical formulae and equations using either AsciiMath or LaTeX. MathJax is used for rendering.

By default, mathematical typesetting is disabled, and should only be enabled if the diagram contains mathematical typesetting, as it affects rendering performance and the image quality for exports.  All export formats (except SVG) are supported.


You can set a single global style for new shapes that you drag from the symbol library menu.  As long as this global style is in effect, new shapes will all conform to the settings for the style.  The exception to this is if you copy an existing shape, whih results in an excact clone of the original.  More details on this are given in Shape Settings. Working with Offline files in the interface.

The Clear default style button clears the the global style.