We've been updating some draw.io translations:

Added are:

 - Català : https://www.draw.io?demo=1&lang=ca

 - Tiếng Việt : https://www.draw.io?demo=1&lang=vi

Updated are:

 - العربية : https://www.draw.io?demo=1&lang=ar

 - Ελληνικά : https://www.draw.io?demo=1&lang=el

 - Español : https://www.draw.io?demo=1&lang=es

 - Français : https://www.draw.io?demo=1&lang=fr

 - Italiano : https://www.draw.io?demo=1&lang=it

 - Polski : https://www.draw.io?demo=1&lang=pl

 - Português (Portugal) : https://www.draw.io?demo=1&lang=pt

 - Português (Brasil) : https://www.draw.io?demo=1&lang=pt-br

 - Română : https://www.draw.io?demo=1&lang=ro

Many thanks to those who have volunteered their efforts. Many of the translations are sourced from professional translators who are paid, so we have decided that all volunteers will also now be offered payment for their time.

If you see anything clearly wrong with the new translations, please let us know at support@draw.io. It's important to let us know if someone has been automatically translating so that we don't use them again.