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Quick update on what's happening at a high level with this year, prompted by:

We get a ton of reviews that we can't respond to on the Chrome Web Store entry, this topic deserves a post, since many of you will be asking the same question.

We have absolutely no plans to charge for online. We said this when we launched 4 years ago and that continues for as far as we can see ahead.

We have switched to pay-for with one product, for Confluence. We honoured our promise to grandfather in every single existing user of that product at the date of changeover, no user with an installation prior to that date has been required to pay anything to continue using it.

Obviously, everyone always say this then charges the next second, so, this year we're launching another version of This one will be a completely stand-alone, fully client-side version that you'll be able to fork from Github. It will have every feature the online site currently has, except for those that we don't have client-side. Specifically, that's PDF export (a workaround would be to print to PDF) and .vsdx and Gliffy importing that will be missing. Dropbox and Drive integration also won't initially be available since both of those are linked to a specific domain, i.e., and you're not able to host there.

The upshot is, if we ever charged or disappeared, you'd not be forced to pay or lose data and functionality.

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