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You've been redirected here because you're using the older Google Drive application that opens to The newer application, you can install from the Chrome Web Store here. The older application has a configuration corruption that Google are unable to fix, so we had to create the newer one.

Over time we want to phase out the older application, we recommend doing this in a controlled manner at a good time for you. Note this only applies to personal Google accounts, Google for Work users can install Pro domain wide from

The steps are:

  • Next click on managing apps

  • You should see an entry for Pro (the app you just installed) and Image Import (the old app).

  • Untick "use by default" for Image Import and then Done and that's it.


Thank you for your understanding undertaking this maintenance. It is a one-time operation only. If you have any questions or issues, email [email protected] and we'll resolve them for you.

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