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This privacy policy describes how we treat your personal information and data when you use the for Confluence Server and/or the for JIRA Server plugins, hereafter referred to as "the plugin". The plugins are the product of a partnership between JGraph Ltd and //SEIBERT/MEDIA. JGraph Ltd are responsible for the creation of the product and any automated emails generated from the Atlassian Sales API. JGraph Ltd and //SEIBERT/MEDIA are jointly responsible for ensuring this privacy policy is applied regarding the use of the plugin, but for simplicity this policy refers to us, being the joint vendors, as "JGraph".

Personal Information

No personal information, or information stored on the installation server(s) is made available to JGraph when you install the plugin on a server of cluster of servers from those servers.
Atlassian make available certain technical contact and billing contact information to JGraph via their Sales API when the plugin is installed and a license (evaluation or full) is applied to the plugin. Please see Atlassian's privacy policy for details on how they treat your information.
JGraph automatically analyses the Sales API and may use the email and/or telephone number to contact you.
In the case of you installing a non-evaluation license to the plugin you agree that your technical email contact will be automatically be added to the " for Confluence News" email list. This list consists of around 2-3 emails per year detailing importing new features in the plugin, as well as alerting you to any critical issues. If you wish to be removed from the list, you can unsubscribe using the link in the footer of any of the emails generated by the list, or by emailing [email protected] with the email you wish to have removed.


The plugin does not transmit from your server, nor from any client browser it runs on to any third-party with one exception. The universal search searches the built-in icons when a keyword is entered. After the list of local icons is exhausted, a query of that keyword is sent securely to and the icon results of that keyword returned. The query only contain the keyword as information, it contains no diagram information, nor any information about you or your system hosting Confluence.

Changes to Privacy Policy

JGraph Ltd may make changes to this privacy policy by giving 30 days notice of the changes on the website and on major social media accounts.

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