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The Google Docs Add-on is an extension to Google Docs that allows diagrams to be easily inserted and updated within Google Docs.


If you haven't already installed to your Drive, go to  and create your first diagram.  Once that diagram is saved in your Google Drive, you'll be able to import it to your Google Doc using this Add-on.
For more details on how to select Google Drive as the storage mechanism at the web site, see Using with Google Drive.



To install the Add-on for Google Docs, go to the Chrome Web Store entry, then click on the "+FREE" button at the right top of the listing

Accept the permissions that appear to install In terms of the permissions, we don't have any control of what is requested. We don't need anything other than the ability to read your diagrams, the requested scope are considerably wider than we would prefer, currently.

Creating a diagram


To create a diagram, go to, click Create and select a diagram, or create a non-realtime diagram or a realtime diagram directly.

Inserting a diagram


To insert an existing diagram, navigate to Add-ons -> Diagram -> Insert Diagram.

This will bring up your Google Drive file picker

Select the file you wish to insert and once loaded you will see an image of the diagram embedded in your document.


Updating your Diagram(s)


To update one or more diagrams in your document, if the diagrams have been updated in the application, either select the diagram to update and go to Diagrams -> Update Selected

Or to update all diagrams in the document invoke Diagrams -> Update All.
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